Sunday, November 17, 2013

Parable of the Painting

A man was studying a masterful painting in an art gallery. Then turning to another who also happened to be looking at the painting he declared:

"Isn't it beautiful Madam? I've studied this painting for quite some time, and I've come to a discovery, an epiphany really."

He paused and admired the painting some more. The women silently waited, curious.

"Look at those exquisite figures, that daring contrast. The immortally straight lines, the color, the texture!"

The women nodded her head. This was hardly an epiphany. But there was more.

"This painting is wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that no human could have painted it."

The women looked at the plaque attributing the masterpiece to the famous Rembrandt.

"Oh, I know some say it was him," The man had followed the woman's gaze. "But they are all mistaken. Why it's obvious that no human could have product such a divine piece of work."

The woman could be silent no more. "If not Rembrandt, Who then has painted this masterpiece?"

"This painting, my dear lady," The man smiled. "has painted itself!"

That is when the woman began to quickly edge away.
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