Monday, November 11, 2013

Parable of Gratitude

A little boy received a microscope from his grandma. He had torn eagerly at the wrapping and now his eyes shown as he looked at the box. With an excited intake of breath, the boy hugged his grandma. “Oh thank you Grandma, it’s the coolest present I got today!”

Grandma smiled, pleased she had made a good choice. But she stopped short when her grandson asked, “What is it, Grandma?”

This would seem to be a tactless question. In fact, the boy’s mom probably blushed a bit. But the boy was sincere. He truly did believe that his grandma had given him a wonder gift. He just didn’t know what it was.

The boy’s grandma knelt down and helped him open the present. She showed him how to set up the microscope and prepare the slides. If the boy had been grateful before, it was nothing compared to the gratitude he felt when he knew more about the gift.

God gives us many gifts. Some we recognize and understand, and some not so much. While we should be grateful for ALL our gifts, sometimes it’s okay to ask, “What is it, God? How do I use this?”

And we will be surprised at how wonderful His gifts truly are.