DetnoGirl and the Superpower Meltdown

This is the most polished of my middle grade manuscripts, and, yes, I'm actively looking for a traditional publisher to snag it.

Title: DetnoGirl and the Superpower Meltdown

Genre: MG Fantasy

Word Count: 28,000

Here's the Pitch:

When a volleyball disintegrates in Honey Wilson’s hands, life goes from okay to downright impossible. DETNOGIRL: THE SUPERPOWER MELTDOWN is a  lower middle-grade fantasy about juggling middle school with the worst superpower in the world.

Having the power of disintegration is ruining Honey’s life. When things start becoming dust in her hands, Honey is transferred to a secret campus where she can learn to control her newfound power. Instead, everything is disintegrating: her grades, her style, her social life, mechanical pencils, and other people’s superpowers.

Just when Honey begins to pick up the pieces of her grades and social life, students and staff are being injured with their own abilities. Honey is convinced that she’s the cause. Can Honey harness her villainous superpowers before somebody else gets hurt - or worse?

The First 257:

             Honey Wilson charged into position, as the ball flew over the net into her team’s court. Her friend, Kelly, set up the ball and Honey slammed it, her famous spike force in full gear. Shoes squeaked on floor wax. Honey’s team backed up and waited for the match point bounce. But the ball had disappeared. No explosion. It just… disintegrated.

            Amid shouts and ball ashes, the Ref blew his whistle and Coach Rose called a time out. Honey heard a delayed gasp from the bleachers, and a stampede as parents from the visitor’s side rushed onto the court.

            “What happened?” Kelly asked, then suddenly she was by Honey’s side. “Are you OK?”

Honey turned a glassy stare toward Kelly and nodded. Then she started shivering, violently.
             “You’re not OK!” Kelly grabbed Honey by the shoulders and helped her to the bench. Honey plopped down and pulled her legs up, hiding her face behind her knees. She might have looked like a child curled up like that, but Honey didn’t care. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about it. She tried not to think about anything. Like disintegrating volleyballs.

              Coach Rose stood nearby, on the phone with someone. Honey assumed it was the police. She heard him saying her name, but tuned out the rest. A thought kept pushing its way into her head, no matter how hard Honey tried to ignore it. I almost died today.

            Someone’s voice called over the loud speaker, “If no one is hurt, please proceed to the nearest exit.” 

The Graphic:

An awesome gift was emailed to me by Talynn at Think of it as a working cover, like the working title. It is not intended as the actual cover, and Talynn has received no compensation for it. Should it be become the actual cover of the published book, we would need to negotiate with her on the terms of use and her compensation for it.