My Burning Question of the Day

     There are a lot of smart people out there, and you'd have to be one of them to find my blog.  I always have a burning question (or 10) and you know how I am about learning. So, here's the place you get to teach me!

     Periodically, I'll post a scenario and a question. If you know the answer, or if you have an opinion, I want to hear it! Just leave a comment below.
Let's suppose...

       I wanted to create a new website. I'm looking for a website that is highly customizable and easy to change. And right now, I don't want to invest more than time into it. I have a little HTML experience, so the website doesn't have to be user-friendly to create.

Now my questions...

       What are good websites to consider?

       Are there webites that I can link to my custom domain after I design it, even if I don't buy the domain for a few years?

      What direction or tips do you have for building a quality website that doesn't look too homemade?