Sunday, November 3, 2013

Parable of Heavenly Parenting

Before any of us came to Earth, God knew that some of His children would not make it home. Of course He loves us all, and wants us to be eternally happy, but He knew that some would make poor choices. Some of us would be eternally lost.
As I look at my youngsters, I wonder, am I doing it right? Is there something I could be doing better or more. Then I wonder if God sometimes had the same worries about us.
And Guess What? He did.
Book of MormonIn the Book of Mormon, Jacob tells a story about a lord of a vineyard. This lord is symbolic of God Himself, Lord of all the World. In Jacob 5:41, God asks his servant “What could I have done more for my vineyard?”
Remember that this story was quoted from an earlier source, thousands of years before the events actually happened. So then God could very well have been asking, “What can I do more for my vineyard that so many might not fall away?”*
In the end, we all can only do all we can, just like Heavenly Father. And in the end, that is enough.
*(Italics changed for emphasis)
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