Monday, June 2, 2014

Parable of the Personal Trainer - a Fairytale

A personal trainer found himself in demand so he began interviewing prospective clients before taking them on.

One hopeful came into his appointment gushing with praise. “They say you are a miracle worker! That you can whip any body into shape.”

The trainer waved the man to a seat and began his interview:

“How often do you plan to come to the gym?”

“Well, I only have time for once a week, but my friend said that was how often she came.”

“Yes, that will be fine, but you’ll have to block off about 3 hours each week for the work out.”

“Three hours? That’s a little excessive don’t you think?”

“There are short breaks-”

“Yeah, but couldn’t we do it in 1 or 2 hours?”

“It’s not up for negotiation.”

The trainer briefly explained the workout and how long each segment would take. The man sat internalizing while the trainer made a few notes. “And what exercise will you be doing at home the rest of the week?”

“What? I have to exercise at home too? Isn’t 3 hours at the gym enough?”


Then the trainer explained how the training didn’t end with the gym workouts. As his client, the man would be expected to continue keeping himself in shape at home. “Don’t worry, though. I’ll give you plenty of instruction so that you’ll know exactly how to do the exercises.”

The man did not seem appeased. The trainer went on, “What is your diet like? What did you have for breakfast, for example?”

“What does it matter what I eat? I’m going to pay you to get me in shape not dictate my life!” The man rose. “This was a mistake. I don’t know why my friend recommended you. I’m sure I can find a better trainer. One a little less invasive.”

The trainer nodded. “There are many trainers out there. Some of them make false promises. But I promise you that if you do everything I suggest then you will be happy, healthy, and free.”


Why is it a fairytale?

I often wonder what real live princesses think of our American fairytales. What do I know about the life a Princess? On that same note, what do I know about the work of a personal trainer? Hint: the answer is the same.

Why is it a Parable?

This story is inspired by Luke 18:18-25. A ruler asked how to inherit eternal life? The answer was simple, but too overwhelming for this rich man. You’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this. The personal trainer represents Christ.