Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two Books that Are Officially on my Wish List

Beyond the regular writer prompts, this book invites you to use your own imagination to help the author finish this book. Tied together with a story about random pages found in the woods, Finish This Book looks like a great read... er... write. 
Now, I've never had trouble filling a diary with story upon story, yet I absolutely want this book. Each page give you a suggestion to creatively destroy this journal, and there by infuse it with your creative juices. According to the preview, among the ideas were to "Rub this page on a dirty car," and "Attach this page to another."I so want to destroy my own copy of Wreck This Journal. Knowing my history with journals, I may need two. :)

Now, I obviously haven't read either of these books, but this is one of those rare occasions that I'm breaking my own rule of "Read it before you Recommend It."

I'll be telling you if it was a wise decision when I have my copies.