Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parable of God's History

First what is God's History? Where is it written?

One place is in the scriptures. So let us turn to the scriptures for a piece of history:

1 And the athird day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; it was well attended.
 9 Refreshments were served; the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,
 10 And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.
Miss anything? All the important parts, perhaps? Like the fact that Jesus was there and that he turned water into wine (because there was none) and that the governor didn't know (but the servants did), and just about the whole story?
Yet how many times do we record only the bare details of our activities, both daily and in the Church. How often do we leave out the important details, like God's miracles in our lives? Or how our faith, as well as the faith of others, was strengthened?
I, for one, am so glad John wrote the whole story of Christ's first miracle. If he had actually written something like the account above, we would have been left wondering why he bothered at all.
One last point, John 2:1-11 is the only place in the Bible that you will find the story of the wedding at Cana. It's a good thing John didn't assume that others would write it.