Sunday, December 15, 2013

Parable of the Science Toy

from MS Clipart

Brian got a new toy from It was a stick. Not just any stick. This stick flashed colors and made noise every time Brian touched both ends of it. It was a cool toy.

Brian held his stick and made it blink. And again. And again. And then he set his stick down and played with other toys. Soon he forgot all about his really cool stick.

One day, Brian was watching The Spangler Effect, and learned about the science behind that blinking stick. Electrons were actually jumping across his body to complete the circuit and make the stick work. Cool!

Brian looked at the stick with new understanding. It wasn't just a cool toy anymore. It was a the makings of a scientific experiment. Or maybe a hundred experiments.

Faith is like that stick. It makes us happy when come in contact with it. It can comfort us when we sorrow. But in the end it's not enough to blindly believe or even blindly behave. We may be faithful for a time, even performing a multitude of good works. Eventually, we will ask, "What's the point?" If we don't know the answer, then our faith will seem unnecessary. Until we have quit believing altogether.

So what's missing?

Most people believe that God is a God of Love, a God of Mercy. We have faith in Him when we believe and do His works. I believe that, too.

But He is also a God of Intelligence.

My faith is not meant to be just a thing I do, anymore than Brian's stick was meant to be just a toy.

God wants us to figure out WHY having faith in Him is so important. He wants us to ask questions, experiment with our faith, and essentially understand the "science" behind it.

God doesn't answer all my questions right away. That's okay. I'm on His timetable, after all. But I'm not going to stop asking. If I did, I would get bored really fast. Instead, I try to learn not only What is God's will, but also Why He wants it.

And when I know the Why, it makes the What that much easier to follow.

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