Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On a Quest to Replenish my Chocolates!

Amy Oyler,, shared a darling conversation she had with her daughter after Valentine's Day. Her daughter, Kat, was on a quest for chocolates... Amy's chocolates.  Here's a simple recipe to replenish all those empty chocolate boxes...  

Makes approximately 60 pieces


2 Cups Smooth Peanut butter

1 Stick Butter – soft (not margarine)

1 Lb. Powdered Sugar

3 Cups Rice Crispies

1 Bag Semi0sweet Chocolate Chips (plus a little more)

1 Tbsp. Butter Flavored Crisco (comes in cubes like butter)


1)    Line baking 2-3 baking sheets with wax paper, set aside.

2)    Combine peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar with mixer on med speed.

3)   Blend in by hand the Rice Crispies, stir to just combine.

4)    Melt chocolate chips and Crisco together in the microwave, on high in 1 minute intervals until melted. The "melt chocolate" button on our microwave works well, too. 

5)     Time to get messy! Roll peanut butter mixture into a bite sized ball. I squeeze the "dough" and pass it from hand to hand because it can be quite crumbly.
6)    With a spoon, cover the balls with chocolate, but not too goopy. Lay gently on wax paper. Repeat with rest of mixture. The secret to this step is a warm room and warm chocolate. You will need to warm the chocolate a few times in the microwave to keep it the correct consistency for dipping. I use my fondue pot to so that I don't have to warm the chocolate as often.

7)    Put baking sheets in refrigerator a few hours or if cold enough, in the garage to set. We put ours on the back porch. Lay a piece of wax paper over top to protect them. Once set, place in airtight container, or put them in your empty chocolate boxes. I promise they won't last there.